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Mediation Offices of David L. Price, Esq.
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Orange County Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

The best way to prevent costly divorce litigation is to make sure both parties have a clear understanding of their individual and community property rights before – and throughout – the marriage.

The Mediation Offices of David L. Price, Esq., Attorney at Law

If you are considering marriage, or are already married and are in need of a postnuptial marriage property agreement to protect your financial interests in the event of divorce, it pays to seek experienced legal counsel. Not all prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are held to be valid in court. All prenuptial agreements are subject to the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. If you do not comply with the Act, you are risking making the agreements invalid in court. There are certain conditions that must be adhered to. There are important timelines that are often overlooked. There is a period of time prior to the date of marriage in which the parties must receive the premarital agreement, in order to have time to review the it.

The parties may not hire the same lawyer to represent them as a couple. Parties may, of course, always represent themselves, but it is never a good idea. However, when complex disputes arise, we can represent either party, or act to mediate the terms of a prenuptial agreement.

We Can Help You Avoid Costly Divorce Litigation

We work with individuals to negotiate and craft prenuptial and postnuptial property agreements based on California law. We are very much aware of the sensitive nature of these agreements and work hard to minimize any damage to the relationship from the negotiations, or the terms of the agreement themselves.

We draft, rewrite and review agreements that cover a wide range of issues that might otherwise end up in litigation, including:

  • Separate and community property
  • Spousal support, child support arrangements
  • Business ownership and management
  • Income earned from personal investments

Our firm is in a unique position to provide legal counsel for individuals seeking sound advice and experienced representation in matters relating to prenuptial agreements and marriage property agreements. With more than 40 years of experience as a divorce litigator in Orange County and Los Angeles County family law courts, our lawyer is recognized as a preeminent Orange prenuptial agreement attorney.

Experienced Irvine, California, Postnuptial Agreement Attorney

From our offices in Orange, we provide California family law mediation services for clients throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. Contact our office to arrange an initial 30- to 45-minute free consultation about prenuptial agreement services and representation, our fee schedule and other areas of our California mediation practice.