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Mediation Offices of David L. Price, Esq.
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Divorce | Family Law

Orange County Family Mediation Attorney

We offer expert assistance with every area of Family Law, from Child Custody and Visitation to Child/Spousal Support to Property Division. We also can help with Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, and negotiations to bring your litigated case to a close. We’ll find unique, creative solutions, to help heal the wounds, resolve the disputes and control the costs. Here’s more information on each area in which we specialize. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Divorce Mediation: Divorcing couples can often have feelings of anger, jealousy, sadness, anxiety and fear, all the emotions you would expect to feel at the end of a marriage. We are sensitive to this and guide you through every aspect of this process with the singular goal of negotiating a fair agreement each party can live with. In essence, you write the terms of your own divorce with the help of a seasoned, empathetic professional by your side.

Child Custody & Visitation (Parenting Plan): Children will always get top priority, and no matter what, parental egos are not allowed. This essential rule helps reduce the children’s stress level as well as the length and cost of the dispute. All alternatives are explored to result in successful parenting plan schedules like legal and physical custody, residential arrangements, business travel and work schedules, holidays, special days and summer breaks.

Child Support: When the family bond is broken, no one suffers more than your children. They have rights, too. All they want is a continuing loving relationship with both parents, without fear, without conflict. We will negotiate fair amounts for child support and other support-related issues like sharing private education costs, camps, athletics and social activities, and their health care expenses.

Spousal Support: There are many solutions to structuring a spousal support agreement like discussing if support is needed at all, and if so, for how long and how much. Each situation is unique and we have a lot of flexibility to make it fair.

Property Division: If you want total control over the final division of marital assets and debt, then choose mediation. We can be much more flexible than a judge and tailor your agreement to meet your specific needs. You determine what resolution makes most sense for your financial future as we explore the alternatives and successful methods for your personal debt division, home ownership, retirement savings, investments, even your children’s college education.

Divorce Negotiation: Sometimes a client just needs to come into the office for a few hours to discuss the possibilities of what may happen in court so that they can present a workable, reasonable plan to their spouse or their attorney. The 44 years of family law experience, in and out of the courts, can go a long way towards helping a client decide what’s fair and reasonable.

Prenuptial & Post Nuptial Agreements: Fair and balanced agreements can protect assets and income, and defuse conflict between lovers and spouses, and attention needs to be paid to balancing the need for protection with the need to be fair. Clients do not want the agreement to become the divisive factor in the relationship. A thorough discussion of the many different alternatives available to protect a party but preserve the relationship can prevent or at least minimize current and future discord.