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Using Mediation to Settle a Divorce

Divorce mediation is a process that is designed to help both sides in a divorce come to an agreement. Mediation can save time and money and help the parties involved settle the case out of court. The process can cover a variety of issues, including child custody, child support, alimony and division of property and debt.

Mediation as an effective tool of communication

California couples who are considering mediation to sort out their issues should know that this approach can be a successful one when each spouse and their mediator displays good listening skills. When one spouse listens and empathizes with the other, it may be possible for the spouses to see each other's concerns in a different light.

Choosing a divorce mediator in California

People whose marriages are ending may want to consider mediation as a less expensive and faster alternative to the protracted litigation often involved in contested divorce cases. In this alternative dispute resolution process, a mediator who is neutral will help facilitate the couple's reaching an agreement, and if one is obtained, it will be filed and will become an order of the court.

Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a beneficial alternative to resolving a divorce without taking the matter to court. Mediation is considered an informal resolution, and any settlement reached must be approved by a judge, but it is often much easier for couples to handle the process in this manner. Judges often encourage spouses to attempt mediation before taking the matter to court. It is worthwhile for California couples to seriously consider mediation as the method of settling their divorce, especially if they are parents.

Mediation in California divorce cases

Many people who are divorcing in California may find it advantageous to go through mediation for child custody and other matters instead of going through a protracted court process. Mediation provides several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and the ability to resolve issues more quickly than the often lengthy court process.

FCS mediation guidelines for divorcing parents

California courts offer a program that provides mediation to parents who are separating and getting a divorce. These services are often used when parents are unable to agree on child custody arrangements, and it's a step that a judge might recommend before making a decision on custody. There are some guidelines that parents should follow while they are in divorce mediation, such as respecting each other, putting the child's needs first and listening to each other so that real solutions can be found. The mediator may interview the child if it could help the parents agree on a parenting plan that is in child's the best interest. This approach is taken without putting the child in the middle or making the child choose sides.

Collaborative divorce does require commitment by all parties

The intent of a collaborative divorce is for couples to work together to come to solution rather than leave the decision-making up to the courts. It can be extremely effective in its goals should the participants be motivated to engage in the process.

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