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How parents can get along after divorcing

Parents who get divorced in California or any other state need to work with the child's other parent to raise their son or daughter. While this can be challenging, parents need to work together for the sake of their children. Generally speaking, noncustodial parents should be given an opportunity to have an active role in their son or daughter's life. With some careful planning, it may be possible to create a consistent parenting schedule.


When a couple chooses to get a divorce, the process can be difficult for everyone involved as emotions might be running high and there may be plenty of bad will. If there are children mixed up in the fray, they are liable to get hurt. Consequently, one of the best ways that California parents can protect their children during a divorce, as well as after it, is to opt for a healthy co-parenting dynamic where the children still feel cared for by both parents.

The benefits of divorce mediation versus litigation

Many people believe that the only way to go through a divorce is through complicated and stressful litigation. However, there are other options. When it comes to agreeing on topics like asset division and child custody, a mediator can help both parties come to an amicable agreement without forcing a judge or jury to make their decisions. In the state of California, mediators are required to have a license to practice law.

The benefits of a collaborative divorce

Some couples going through divorce in California might want to consider a collaborative approach. A collaborative divorce involves each spouse having a separate attorney but working together to reach an agreement instead of going to court. If negotiations fail and the couple must go to court, neither attorney is permitted to participate further in the case.

Why mediation might be a good choice for child custody disputes

Some California child custody and support matters are handled through an alternative dispute resolution procedure called mediation. This may allow people to reach agreements for child custody, parenting plans, visitation, child support and other issues.

The advantages of mediation

Those who are going through a divorce in California may believe that litigation is the only way to end their marriages. However, mediation can be a less stressful and more productive alternative. Mediation is less stressful because the goal is for the parties to work together to create a settlement that works for everyone. The conversation is guided by a mediator who will strive to keep the conversation objective and civil.

About joint legal custody

Joint legal custody may be the custody arrangement courts in California assign to parents. Parents who have this type of custody share with the other parent the legal right to contribute to decision-making regarding significant issues that pertain to their child. This means that they will be making major decisions regarding matters related to healthcare, education and religion.

When bird nesting can be successful

California couples may have noticed a new trend in how parents raise their children after a divorce. Instead of the child splitting time at each parent's home, the parents split time at the family home. This benefits the child as it provides a sense of stability during an otherwise uncertain time. However, this may not work well for all parents.

How parents can help their children through divorce

There are certain things parents in California can do to make their divorce less difficult for their children as well as things they can avoid. For example, parents should reassure children that the divorce is not their fault. They should encourage a good relationship with the other parent and talk to the child without offering an opinion if the child is negative about that parent. Neither parent should badmouth the other.

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