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Pitt, Jolie to negotiate over child custody

Many California parents benefit from mediation when working out custody issues during a divorce or break-up, and the same is true of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The two stars are currently negotiating a custody agreement for their six children. They are working with an evaluator appointed by the court to review their custody situation. While the actors reached an interim custody agreement in the past, the divorce has been moving forward for over two years, since September 2016.

Jolie, 43, hired a new divorce attorney in September 2018 to represent her interests in the split. The actress’ representatives said that she is working on “healing her family” and wants the children to have a reconciliation with their father. The current interim custody agreement was agreed to by Jolie and Pitt after the child custody evaluator made recommendations.

According to Jolie’s representatives, Pitt has not paid child support since the separation and has not informally paid half of the children’s expenses since that time. Jolie is reportedly planning to seek a retroactive child support order enforcing Pitt’s responsibilities to provide for the children and pay for his share of their expenses.

While divorce and custody mediation can be an important part of resolving a long-running celebrity divorce, it can also be helpful to couples with lower levels of wealth and visibility. In fact, mediation may control growing legal fees. The mediation process can help couples reach creative solutions for child custody, property division, spousal support and other key issues, especially proposals that would not normally be ordered by a judge absent the separate agreement of the parties. By going through a divorce mediation process, spouses can establish a fair agreement that respects both parties’ interests.