Musicians in mediation to resolve custody dispute

After Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale got divorced in 2015, their three children mostly lived with Stefani in Los Angeles. This was because Rossdale was on tour with his band and fulfilled other professional duties in Europe. However, now that Rossdale is back, he wants more time with his children while their mother wants the kids to have a more stable living environment.

It is said that she believes that the kids want to focus on their schoolwork and other responsibilities whereas their father wants to live a carefree lifestyle. The couple has resolved to engage in mediation sessions in an effort to resolve disagreements about parenting time. They also aim to resolve issues related to how the kids are raised. Since the split, Stefani has moved onto a relationship with Blake Shelton, and it is said that the children enjoy having him around.

Parents who are unable to agree on how their children should be raised may feel frustrated or upset about the situation. While it may be tempting to make decisions based on hurt feelings, it may be best to speak with a neutral party to find a solution to the problem. A mediator can act as that neutral party, and his or her role is to make it easier for both sides to express their feelings in a healthy manner.

An agreement on issues ranging from a child's upbringing to how much time each parent spends with a child could be reached through mediation. In some cases, it will take multiple sessions to resolve one or more issues. Agreements may be reviewed by a parent's independent legal counsel prior to being signed. However, once they are signed, agreements reached through mediation are generally binding.

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