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When a couple chooses to get a divorce, the process can be difficult for everyone involved as emotions might be running high and there may be plenty of bad will. If there are children mixed up in the fray, they are liable to get hurt. Consequently, one of the best ways that California parents can protect their children during a divorce, as well as after it, is to opt for a healthy co-parenting dynamic where the children still feel cared for by both parents.

There are several things divorced parents must do in order to have a successful co-parenting dynamic. To start with, they need to focus on the children and their needs above anything else. Furthermore, belittling the other parent in front of the children is forbidden under any circumstances; children are impressionable and can pick up on the slightest body language, so any disparaging acts on the part of one of the parents can reflect poorly on the children. Parents should acknowledge the importance of the children having a healthy relationship with both of them, and they need to encourage this attachment.

Establishing a healthy co-parenting environment is easier said than done, so there are several tools available to help with the process. For instance, a parenting schedule can help organize matters and minimize conflict between both parents. A trained therapist can help each parent work through their emotions and get over negative feelings they might harbor towards the other. Additionally, a professional parent coordinator can help the parents communicate, particularly whenever conflict arises.

Regardless of how difficult co-parenting may be, its effect on the children makes it worth the effort. Parents should do everything in their power to make it work, including reaching out to a family law professional who may be able to help them set a suitable parenting schedule and mitigate conflict between them.