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When bird nesting can be successful

California couples may have noticed a new trend in how parents raise their children after a divorce. Instead of the child splitting time at each parent’s home, the parents split time at the family home. This benefits the child as it provides a sense of stability during an otherwise uncertain time. However, this may not work well for all parents.

Those who can’t afford a place to stay could be forced to live on a couch or in other situations where they don’t have a lot of privacy. Alternatively, they could be forced to spend money on an alternate residence that will be left vacant at times. If parents don’t have similar schedules or goals when it comes to maintaining the home, it could create another conflict that needs to be resolved. However, it could be worthwhile for individuals who are waiting for the right time to sell or vacate a family home or apartment.

By waiting to sell a home, the transaction could be made after property values increase or when enough equity has been accumulated. To increase the odds that such a situation will work out, parents should be transparent about the arrangement with their children. Furthermore, it is a good idea to think of it as a short-term arrangement that provides time to properly unwind from the relationship.

Parents who are looking to get a divorce may find that a mediated settlement is preferable to a judge’s order. In addition to helping parents maintain relationships with each other, it can be beneficial for children to see adults working through their differences. In some cases, mediation can result in a settlement that is reached in less time and with less money spent. An attorney can represent an individual during the process.