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Keeping Children Happy For Holidays

Couples in Orange County and across the country that are going through a divorce during the holidays may face many challenges. However, if they’re prepared mentally, then there are ways that children and parents can deal with the new norm of life.

One thing that children should keep in mind is that there are two families to offer love and support to them and that they are the priority in the relationship and during the holiday season. There will be a time when the divorce will seem better, but that day might take a while to arrive. The first thing that couples should begin to put into perspective is that the holiday season is about family instead of the divorce.

Couples should avoid trying to buy the love of their children. The parent that is unable to be with the children during the holidays should find friends or other family members with whom to spend time so as not to think about being alone. Children should not be used as a way to retaliate against the other spouse. The children don’t deserve to be kept from one parent or the other. A schedule should be made ahead of time that works for both parents so that the children are happy. Each parent can create his or her own traditions with the children each year so that the kids can enjoy the holidays.

A divorce attorney can work with couples to come up with a plan that works for each person. A lawyer also can help with communication issues that might be present. When couples meet with an attorney, they can discuss a set visitation schedule as well as any support payments that are to be made.