Divorce mediation can help support a co-parenting plan

Many couples in California who are going through divorce intend to have a civilized separation process. This is especially true for couples who are also parents. It's important to note that a strong co-parenting relationship can be extremely important for the physical and psychological health of the children of the partnership. For these divorcing parents, mediation can help promote a collaborative approach toward parenting and the post-divorce relationship.

It can be important for parents to put the children's interests first. Even when the ex-partners would prefer not to deal with each other, it's important that the kids feel supported, especially when dealing with the stress of moving between two households. A child's relationship with each parent should not be governed by the divorce situation.

There can be some distinct issues with shared parenting time that require agreements between the co-parents. For example, smartphone use to contact the other parent during one parent's time can disrupt or undermine the relationship. Child-directed phone use and communication can be one good guide to ensure that the child has access to both parents without the parents imposing their own discomforts.

Divorce mediation can help parents to develop an agreement for child custody, parenting time, responsibilities and other concerns. A family law attorney may guide the mediation to help ensure positive communication and a collaborative process between the divorcing partners for an ongoing co-parenting relationship. The lawyer could help make sure that a mediated plan meets all the requirements of state law and protects the best interests of the children.

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