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The benefits of using mediation for a divorce settlement

California couples who are ending their marriages might consider the different options available to reach a divorce settlement. One of these is mediation, which promotes a calm, empathetic path towards conflict resolution.

The divorce process can often turn combative, with the parties experiencing intense emotions and the negotiations becoming complicated as well as expensive. Through mediation, however, couples are offered an option where they can explore their feelings, and look for ways to arrive at a solution, without the process becoming more hurtful. In the mediation process, the parties work with a neutral third party, who listens to both of their concerns and goals and guides the parties towards peaceful resolution of the conflicts. The parties participate voluntarily and the solutions reached are not imposed on them.

Mediation provides a wide range of benefits for couples involved. These include creating an environment of trust and loyalty, reducing stress and pressure and helping the parties reach emotional balance. As well, mediation works by encouraging empathy between the estranged spouses, since they feel more secure that the other party is not trying to hurt them intentionally, which leads to more open and understanding negotiations. The result of mediation is that the parties are able to walk away feeling dignified, since the environment for the negotiations is based on mutual respect. An additional benefit of mediation is that it allows couples to learn how to use the tools necessary for solving family conflicts that might arise in the future.

Residents considering or beginning the process of the divorce might choose to speak with a lawyer with family law experience. The lawyer can explain the different options available to them to obtain a settlement agreement and guide them through the process of choosing the one best for them and their family.