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Divorce mediation offers an alternative

When ending a marriage, California couples have a number of options to pursue. A divorce doesn’t need to be an angry, drawn-out courtroom battle. If the separating partners are open to working together, alternative solutions can help to create a mediated divorce agreement that ends a marriage relatively quickly.

A courtroom divorce, in which the parties make their case before a judge to secure court orders for the applicable legal issues like property division, can still be a good option for couples. This is especially true in the case of couples whose marital history or current relationship tends to prevent them from working together to produce an agreement.

However, for many divorcing couples, options like collaborative divorce or mediation present the potential of a less costly and emotionally draining divorce process. A collaborative divorce involves a team of attorneys and other professionals to work together to help both parties achieve a negotiated settlement to end the marriage. Those involved in the process can include finance professionals, child specialists and divorce coaches in addition to each party’s lawyer.

In mediation, on the other hand, divorcing couples can cut down on the number of professionals involved in the process and work together with a mediator to reach an agreement . The mediator serves as a neutral facilitator who helps divorcing couples to go through key issues, resolve conflicts and produce an agreement for court approval at the end of the process. Couples who are divorcing and are interested in achieving a settlement through a mediation process should separately consult family law attorneys who are familiar with this type of alternative dispute resolution method.