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Resolving California spousal support disputes

If you are preparing to divorce, spousal support may be an issue in your case. Itt is often hotly contended, and while a higher-earning spouse may not want to pay spousal support, it is important to recognize that some spouses will need and deserve it.

Mediation may be a way for you to resolve your issues regarding spousal support. You and your spouse may learn whether or not it is appropriate, how much you might expect to pay or receive and what duration it should be payable for. Mediation may also help you and your spouse to understand why it may be important for the lower-earning spouse to go back to school so that he or she might become economically self-sufficient.

It may be possible for both of you to reach a resolution of your spousal support issue regarding either temporary or long-term spousal support. With mediation, you and your spouse may be able to come up with solutions that you couldn’t receive if the matter had gone before a judge.

At our firm, we understand how contentious spousal support issues may be for people who are going through divorces. We serve as neutral third parties to help people to resolve their outstanding issues so that they can have smoother divorce processes. We work to show couples the different possible scenarios that they might expect. This often helps them to reach agreements regarding spousal support and other outstanding issues. Getting divorced is an unpleasant process for most people, but our goal is to help people to reach resolutions more quickly and with a minimum of bitterness. If you are interested in learning more about resolving spousal support disputes through mediation, you might want to read our page on the subject.