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Mediating planned relocations with children

In some California divorce cases, a parent will meet someone new who lives somewhere else after a child custody and parenting time order has been issued. When that happens, the parent might want to move in with his or her new partner. Relocating with or without children may impact the previously issued child custody order, and the parent who is not moving may object to the relocation if it will impact his or her parenting time with the children.

When a parent moves away with children, it may cause new conflicts to arise. While litigation is one avenue that people can use for motions to relocate and objections to them, mediation may provide an alternative forum to reach an agreement. It is important for both parents to consider how the planned move might impact the kids.

In child custody and parenting time cases, the best interests of the children should always be at the forefront. A move may disrupt the children’s ability to see their other parent on a regular basis. It may damage the relationship the children enjoy with the parent who is not moving, and it might also disrupt the support system children enjoy with their friends. By considering how a move will impact the children as well as both parents, the parents may be able to reach an agreement that resolves the issues.

Divorce mediation may allow parents to work out their differences in a manner that keeps the children’s needs in mind. If people are able to reach a mediated settlement, it can become the new order for child custody and parenting time in their divorce case. Parents who believe that mediation might be appropriate for them might want to speak with a mediation attorney for advice about whether or not it is the most appropriate option for them.