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Mediation as an option for divorces

Sometimes in a California divorce, the process devolves into a bitter dispute over property, support, visitation and debt. It is easy to let feelings of anger, fear and sadness take control of a divorce. If you do so, you and your spouse may spend months or years fighting over small issues while wasting thousands of dollars in litigation costs.

Even if you think it will be difficult for you to reach an agreement with your spouse, it is often possible for couples to do so by choosing mediation over litigation. When you opt to mediate your divorce case, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party who is skilled in helping people to reach agreements in their family law matters.

Mediation may save you and your spouse substantial time and expense. If you are able to reach an agreement through mediation, your mediator will then memorialize it so that you can review it and then file it with the court in your divorce. An agreement that you are able to reach in mediation will become the court’s orders for your divorce case so that you and your former spouse can move forward with your lives.

At our firm, our attorney has more than 40 years of experience in family law and 25 years working as a mediator to help people fairly resolve their disputes. A trained divorce mediator and former judge pro tem, Mr. Price understands what it takes to help divorcing couples reach fair settlements of all of their outstanding disputed issues. He helps people who are considering mediation understand whether or not it is appropriate for them. If you are getting a divorce and are interested in mediation, you might want to review our divorce settlement page for more information.