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Looking for a trustworthy mediator

While individuals looking for a divorce mediator in California may consider the experience, training and professional background of their potential choices, there may be other important qualities to take into consideration. The most telling characteristic of a mediator is whether he or she can earn the parties’ trust.

The mediator’s role is that of an objective professional who helps guide settlement negotiations. During the opening session, a trustworthy mediator should explain how the mediation process works. He or she should provide clear expectations of what the clients should do to make the most of the process.

During divorce mediation, there may be other times when the mediator’s trustworthiness will be apparent. The mediator will be trusted with confidential information that should not be shared with the other party unless the party providing the information agrees to its disclosure. If the mediator is respectful and genuine, the parties will likely read this characteristic and respond in kind. When a mediator is able to secure a party’s trust, the separation process can be much easier. The mediator may uncover the real interests of the parties, what they are seeking through the process and the reasons behind their pursuits. The mediator should work in a strategic manner, helping to get the parties closer and closer to an agreement.

With the help of a trustworthy mediator, a divorcing couple may be able to reach an amicable separation. A mediator may be able to explain the benefits of this process and choosing not to litigate family issues.