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Doing mediation right in California

How an individual acts during a divorce mediation session may be a factor in its outcome. Those who are highly emotional are generally less likely to get a good result compared to those who are rational and composed. Ideally, individuals will go into mediation focusing on areas where they agree with their former spouse. This sets the tone for cooperation throughout the mediation process.

It is also a good idea to treat a former partner with respect and speak in civil tones at all times. This is true even if the other side does not do the same. It should be made clear that there is no desire for litigation, which may provide incentive for the other person to come to terms in a timely manner.

Individuals going through mediation should not interrupt or otherwise speak out of turn. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to avoid insults or name calling when speaking. It is almost always in a person’s best interest to concede items during the negotiation process. In fact, individuals may be expected to give ground in some areas in the spirit of creating an agreement that both sides can agree to. In some cases, giving something up may make it easier to get something else that an individual truly desires.

Those who are interested in a mediated settlement may wish to talk with an attorney about this option. Compared to litigation, mediation may be less expensive, make it easier to come to a timely resolution and preserve relationships. Legal counsel may be able to review any agreement reached in mediation before it becomes the official divorce decree. It is important to note that any mediation agreement is binding once it is approved by the court.