Understanding divorce mediation in California

When California couples decide to divorce, they have alternatives to going to court. One alternate method is going through divorce mediation. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, mediation might be a good option for you as it might help to resolve all outstanding issues in dispute without needing to engage in expensive and protracted litigation.

Mediation lets you and your spouse have some control in the process and in what is decided. If you decide to mediate, you and your spouse will each meet with a neutral third party who is trained in helping couples to resolve their disputes so that they can work out their own settlement agreements.

In divorce mediation, you meet in an informal setting at the mediator's office. You may meet several times. During the first meeting, all of the issues and information that needs to be exchanged are identified. Additional negotiations may later be needed to reach agreements on parenting plans, asset division, debt division and spousal and child support. If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement through mediation, the mediator will prepare the agreement and file it with the family court. The agreement then is adopted as the court's orders in your divorce case.

At our law firm, our attorney is a trained mediator who helps couples to reach agreements in their family law matters. He is often able to help couples who have a lot of conflict to put those arguments aside so that they can reach full agreements on all of their outstanding issues. If you are considering getting divorced and would like to learn more about mediation as an alternative, you are invited to review the information on our divorce mediation frequently asked questions page.

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