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The facts about divorce mediators

The costs of California divorces can often reach six figures, and part of the reason dissolving a marriage is often so expensive is because couples drag out the process while arguing with each other and going to court. Those seeking a divorce could use mediation instead of the court process, which could be less costly and time consuming while also benefiting each party. There are a few things to know when considering mediation.

Mediation is an approach to divorce that involves compromise instead of winners and losers, and a couple decides whether or not to accept the agreements made during the sessions. The mediator does not have the same power a judge or arbitrator does but is an unbiased individual who aims to find solutions both parties can accept. Many mediators have a law background, but one does not need legal experience to be a successful mediator. Those with careers in social work, business or psychology could also be suited to mediation.

Mediators work with couples when dealing with family law issues concerning the division of assets and debts, parenting plans and child support and alimony. Listening to a couple and finding ways to help them understand each other is important, and mediators might also bring in experts in certain subjects so that a couple can make the best decisions like a wealth manager or parenting coordinator.

Mediation could be a valid option for any couple regardless of their background or wealth as long as they are willing to try to work together and create a settlement agreement. Both parties must focus on what they can accept and give up to reach a resolution. A mediator does not provide legal advice, and thus each party should have separate attorneys throughout the process.