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Mediation as a viable alternative for divorcing couples

While mediation may not always be the best option for California couples who are ending their marriages, the process is a very good alternative for many. Mediation allows people who are divorcing to try to work through their disputes in an effort to reach agreements in lieu of litigating them through court.

When mediation fails, people sometimes believe that it is not a viable alternative for anyone. However, couples who reach agreements through mediation are less likely to return to court for modifications of their divorce orders. This points to the idea that mediation can be a successful way for people to resolve the outstanding issues in their divorces in a manner that is likelier to let them move forward.

While some people believe that their dispute can only be resolved through litigation, others are able to work through their issues with the help of a skilled mediator. It is important that mediation remains a voluntary process and not one that is mandatory. The ability of it to be successful hinges partly on the willingness of the parties involved to compromise with each other. Each party is also entitled to have legal representation.

People who are contemplating a divorce and who are interested in mediation as a possible alternative to litigation may want to meet with a family law attorney who has experience with this form of alternative dispute resolution method. Through mediation, it is possible to reach a full marital settlement agreement without the need of a protracted and bitter court battle. This may help people to save time and money so they can move forward with their lives more quickly.