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Important qualities of divorce mediators in California

California couples who have decided to end their marriages have the option to go through divorce mediation instead of taking their issues to court. Mediation provides a method through which couples may resolve all of their outstanding disputed issues. If they are able to reach agreements through the mediation process, a lot of time and money could potentially be saved.

Couples who have chosen divorce mediation should look for several qualities in their mediators. It is important that both people feel that they can trust the mediator. The mediator should be someone who is fair and impartial and who will not take sides. The person should also devote a majority of his or her practice to divorce and similar family law issues.

Having ongoing continuing education in mediation is important. Also important is having certification and education beyond the minimum amount. Looking at whether the divorce mediator is actively involved in his or her profession is also important. They ideally should have published articles about divorce mediation and be actively involved in professional organizations for mediation and alternate dispute resolution. An important factor should be the amount the mediator charges. There has been somewhat of a shift from hourly rates to flat fees, which may benefit clients in the long run.

If people are able to reach a marital settlement agreement through mediation, they may greatly shorten the time it takes to complete their divorce while also saving the fees associated with litigating their issues. In many cases, people who are able to come to an accord on their own with the help of a neutral third party end up much happier with the result than do those who choose to battle each other in front of a judge. Each spouse is entitled to have separate legal representation throughout the process.