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Impact on children in a prolonged divorce

A divorce can be messy enough for a couple that has no children, but for parents who are thinking about ending their marriage there can often be misgivings about the action because of the potential impact of a broken home on their well-being. California couples might prolong the process because of guilt or religious beliefs. Outside influences might also contribute to hesitation in moving forward. There can be successful reconciliations because of the delay, but in other cases, the matter can be drawn out and continue to create a sense of uncertainty for children.

The tension in a home prior to a divorce can create emotional turmoil for a child, which may be relieved as one parent moves out at the start of divorce proceedings. However, failing to finalize the matter can leave a child feeling unsure of their future. The finality of divorce typically includes the establishment of a parenting plan, which provides for time to be spent with each parent on a consistent basis.

In some cases, parents are able to work together afterwards to make decisions about issues such as health care and education. In other cases, the tensions that occurred in the marriage can carry over into co-parenting. Counseling may be helpful for parents who find it difficult to move beyond the differences that have led to divorce. This may provide helpful strategies for communicating effectively without creating further stress and tension.

Parents who are willing to resolve divorce-related issues such as a parenting plan, support, and property division without litigation may benefit from the divorce mediation process, an approach in which a neutral party can help in resolving these matters. This alternative can often save money and stress by avoiding the need to spend time before a judge.