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High-conflict divorces in California

High-conflict divorces are known to be contentious and they can be very difficult to deal with, but people may not be aware just how troubling these types of situations can be. These types of divorces are very expensive and may even result in violence, but individuals may be able to avoid it in some situations. If people are determined to avoid the cost and anxiety, they may still be able to avoid extensive litigation even if there are numerous points of contention.

The cost of high-conflict divorce is often very high. While a mediated divorce averages about $6,600 nationwide and collaborative divorces cost just shy of $20,000, a litigated high-conflict divorce can run into the six figures.

Litigated and conflict-filled divorces are also often the most likely to lead to violent results. In some cases, the results can be fatal. There have been several documented cases of people being killed by furious estranged spouses during divorce proceedings. One recent fatal incident involved a mother of three children and her friend being killed in a courthouse during a child support hearing in Delaware.

Regardless of the type of divorce proceeding that is selected, it is a good idea for people to know their rights and how various legal issues are handled. Even if people are going through mediation, they should understand what assets are susceptible to being divided or if they may be eligible for spousal or child support. People are entitled to the assistance of an attorney during mediation proceedings just as they are if the divorce proceeds to litigation