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Bird’s nest custody may prove viable for some families

Some California parents who get divorced may find it easier to provide their children with stable living environments if they set up bird’s nest custody agreements. These arrangements ensure that children can spend time with both parents without having to move from one residence to another, and some say they can make communication and scheduling easier on parents.

In this type of custody arrangement, children stay in one house while their parents alternate living with them there. This allows the parents to live with their kids and still avoid having to live with each other. Although some parents have to deal with greater inconveniences than they might in traditional shared custody arrangements, bird’s nest custody can be a viable option when both parents live close.

In addition to posing unique challenges for parents that live far from each other, bird’s nest custody sharing often represents a greater overall financial burden. Both parents need to pay for their own residences as well as maintain the home where the children live, and having to go from one home to another may impact their future relationships. Experts suggest that including no-relocation clauses in parenting agreements can provide many of the same benefits afforded by bird’s nest custody without the extra costs.

Modern divorce agreements must account for the unique circumstances of each family’s situation. Although some arrangements may not be as socially common or traditionally accepted as others, parents should primarily consider the well-being of their children and make plans accordingly. Parents don’t have to simply settle for what the courts decide is an ideal living setup. Many family law attorneys will suggest mediation as a good method of resolving custody and visitation issues.