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Tips for successful co-parenting

When a California couple decides that they need to divorce, learning how to continue to raise their children together can be difficult. When parents can create a system that works, the children often have a much easier time dealing with the new living situations. Although getting to this point can be rocky, there are tips that can help make the transition smoother.

In order to co-parent successfully, working to make a partnership is incredibly important. This means meeting with the other parent to discuss the children’s needs while keeping the negative feelings about the divorce on the back burner. If the other parent needs to change the custody schedule, working to come up with solutions to the problem before meeting to talk about the issue can reduce the amount of irritation one or both parents may have.

Co-parenting is also more likely to be successful when certain boundaries are set. Parents should discuss what they want to talk about prior to having the conversation and bring the discussion back on track should one person go off topic. Rules about other forms of communication, such as emails and texts, should also be discussed. Parents should avoid being baited into arguments by finding a solution to problems that come up over time.

When working to set up a co-parenting system that works for both the children and for the parents, a mediator can assist by helping find unique solutions. The mediator can guide the parents through the process without having to get the court involved, which could be costly and could potentially set up a system that is rigid and does not meet the children’s needs. Through this process, both parents may come to an amicable agreement while resolving certain disputes that could continue to cause problems down the road.