Advantages of mediation

Mediation may be helpful for California families that are experiencing conflict. It can lead to families solving long-standing and complex disputes peacefully. Mediation also tends to be efficient. Usually, it takes only a few sessions to resolve the problems. It focuses on problem-solving and compassionately understanding the points of view of everyone involved.

One advantage of mediation is that it focuses on cooperation rather than an adversarial process. Rather than having winners and losers like a court case, it is oriented toward finding a solution that satisfies all parties. In mediation, the aim is to come to a written agreement that serves all those parties.

Mediation can also be helpful in a divorce. In some cases, people whose divorce litigation is lasting longer than the marriage have entered mediation and begun collaborating rather than arguing after just one session. Mediation focuses on improving communication, and this improvement usually occurs rapidly when all parties feel listened to and understood.

There are a number of advantages to divorce mediation. One is that in a divorce in which there are children, mediation can lead to a better co-parenting relationship. Overall, it can make the process less difficult for children and give the parents tools to better negotiate. Furthermore, parents can make decisions regarding custody and visitation that may better suit their children than what a judge might decide. While a judge is supposed to be guided by the best interests of the child, the child's parents may have a better overall grasp of the nuances of the situation. Mediation may also result in more satisfaction from both spouses regarding property division because of its greater scope for creative and individualized solutions than that offered by litigation. If mediation is unsuccessful, divorcing couples still have the option to go to court.

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