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Some doctors trying divorce mediation

In California and across the country, doctors generally have a lower rate of divorce than for couples in other health care occupations. However, not all spouses are entirely understanding of the strains put on the relationship due to that occupation. Doctors who are considering the dissolution of their marriage should be aware that there are other options outside divorce litigation under the laws of their state. Instead of taking their families down the path of divorce court, they may explore mediated divorce.

Divorce court tends to be an adversarial system, wherein one party wins and one party loses. This can result in the expenditure of more funds as well as emotional strain, and it can still result in both parties suffering an unfavorable settlement.

Mediation provides a path by which both spouses can arrive at a solution in a collaborative manner, freely exchanging important information and negotiating with an eye towards both parties receiving at a fair compromise. Not only can mediation help to reduce divorce costs, but it is also a more private and casual affair. Once all issues relating to property and child custody are collectively agreed upon, the decision is presented to the judge.

Although any decision that is meant to be legally binding will have to be formalized by the judge, the court as a general rule will agree to any legal property division and custody split authored through a mediated settlement or other cooperative method. Mediation is away to arrive at solutions such as these, and an attorney at law might be able to recommend qualified mediation services and other ancillary professionals who may be able to help with a quick, fair, and equitable split between spouses.

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