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Reasons to try mediation in divorce

California couples who are divorcing may want to consider mediation in divorce for the same reasons many celebrities might opt for it. Mediation puts the control with the couple rather than the courts, and it can lead to a more positive and faster resolution.

Celebrities might also decide to opt for mediation because it is less public. In addition to being a more positive approach to divorce than litigation, it also tends to move things along more quickly. Mediation keeps the details of the marriage and divorce out of the news and out of the public spotlight. Using the same mediator may also encourage greater collaboration between the two spouses.

A divorce may also go more smoothly if the couple has a prenuptial agreement. For example, actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kuchner did not, and this might have led to Moore being able to claim some of Kuchner’s film earnings from the time they were married.

Even couples who are not celebrities may benefit from mediation or a collaborative divorce. Privacy may still be a concern even if the couple is not going to appear in tabloids, and a swift resolution may be desirable. Mediation or collaboration may also be a good approach if children are involved. The cooperation developed during the process of divorce may spill over into co-parenting and make that relationship smoother in the years ahead. The agreement that couples reach regarding issues such as child custody and property division may be better for everyone if it is reached in mediation rather than decided by the court system. There might be more scope to develop creative, flexible solutions that would be unavailable to a judge. An attorney might suggest that a divorcing client give mediation a try with the option to turn to litigation if negotiations break down.