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How mediation helps couples with children when divorcing

California parents could learn from Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez when deciding to get a divorce. It seems that the couple has agreed to mediation to end their marriage as they want an amicable split so that they can create a fair custody agreement for their 2-year-old son.

The couple reportedly feels it is best for both parents to have time with their child, which could save the couple time as judges often feel this way too when spouses undergo court proceedings for a divorce. Saving time and money and sparing a child drama are a few reasons why some partners choose alternative means of divorce like mediation.

Berry’s personal life has made headlines before when she was engaged in a custody battle for her 7-year-old daughter. Custody agreements determined by a judge can be more strict than those worked out between a couple, and part of the reason Berry and Olivier’s marriage may have had difficulties was because a California judge decided that it was not in her daughter’s best interests when Berry wanted to move to Paris with Olivier.

While relocation is typically a tricky subject when parents share custody, parents tend to have more freedom when forming a parenting plan together. Meditation gives parents one method for figuring out custody issues as a third-party strives to resolve disputes and help a couple communicate honestly and effectively.

Alternative methods for dissolving a marriage generally help families avoid a drawn-out process in family law court and provide benefits for everyone involved as these options involve compromise. This can be better for parents as it is very likely that they will still have to interact with each other while raising a child or children. Meditation, negotiation or collaborative divorce could put parents in a better position to work together. Parents who are in this situation may want to ask their respective family law attorneys if an alternative dispute resolution process would be appropriate for them.