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Common mistakes in divorce

Couples in California whose marriages are coming to an end may be interested in learning more about some of the legal mistakes people typically make when going through a divorce. There a litany of mistakes to make when emotions run high or self-discipline is in short supply. Aside from the legal errors, spouses make mistakes by fighting in court far too long, by settling for too little or by underestimating how much their children may be affected by their actions.

A common mistake many people make is assuming that their divorce can be executed and finalized expeditiously. Hastily signing documents or agreements without reviewing them thoroughly is also inadvisable. People forget that information posted on social media websites could be used as incriminating evidence in a legal proceeding as well. Many divorcing couples complicate and extend these proceedings by acting on emotion and vendettas from the onset. This strategy only creates more conflict and hinders the negotiating process.

Divorcing parents may err by fighting over custody before fully comprehending the impact of the decisions and the best interests of the child. Spouses also suffer when they fail to gather a full account of their financial status before finalizing the proceeding. In addition, failing to understand the tax implications of the agreements made during the divorce proceeding can lead to significant setbacks as well.

People who are having difficulties in negotiating specific terms of their divorce settlement may want to speak with an attorney to see if the mediation process is right for them. Many find that mediation is helpful when there are children involved, as the process can be less stressful for all concerned.