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Actor Terrence Howard seeking to overturn divorce settlement

On Aug. 11, Terrence Howard’s attorney stated that the actor was attempting to overturn his 2012 divorce settlement in a California courtroom. The attorney stated that in 2011, Howard’s ex-wife claimed that she would sell information if the actor did not pay her to stay quiet.

The attorney reportedly played an audio of a conversation that Howard and his ex-wife had. The ex-wife stated that she had video of Howard naked in the bathroom. She claimed that she could get about $2 million by selling it. She also reportedly referred to affairs and claimed that she had made a report to the Internal Revenue Service. Howard could be heard on the audio saying that he would be sending her money. His business manager at the time reportedly sent the ex-wife $40,000.

Howard ultimately argued that the ex-wife was extorting him and that as a result, the divorce settlement should be overturned. The ex-wife was reportedly given access to certain bank accounts while he was responsible for paying off certain debts. Howard could reportedly only provide evidence of duress and extortion that occurred outside of the ex-couple’s mediation.

If it is determined that a person agreed to a divorce settlement after being threatened, a family law attorney may argue that the divorce agreement is not valid. In some cases, the attorney may use evidence to show that their client was under duress or was being extorted when the agreement was made, such as audio clips of phone calls that were made or testimony from family members or accountants.

Source: ABC News, “Terrence Howard in Court Trying to Undo Divorce Agreement”, Anthony McCartney, Aug. 11, 2015