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Mediation and the Affleck and Garner divorce

As many California residents have probably heard, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have officially announced they are divorcing. The announcement was made jointly by the couple on June 29, and there are some interesting things to note about it.

The couple, who share three children, are reportedly planning to go through mediation in order to arrive at a successful divorce agreement that is amenable to both. The couple asked for privacy and indicated they intend to co-parent their children. While rumors about their split have been surfacing for a while, their statement confirms their intentions. It was issued just 10 years and one day after the date of their marriage.

While many people may have heard of mediation, they may not be familiar with what it actually is. Mediation is a process through which divorcing couples meet with a fully trained, neutral third party who attempts to facilitate their reaching an agreement rather than litigating the divorce through the court system. If an agreement is reached, it is then reduced to writing and filed with the court, and the terms become the court’s orders.

Through the mediation process, many couples are able to reach full agreements while also reducing the conflict, expense and pain of a more protracted litigation. Mediation can be especially beneficial for parents of young children. By reducing conflict, couples who are able to reach such an agreement may be better able to work together over the long term in order to raise their children. People who are interested in mediation as a possible option for their divorce case may want to speak with an attorney who has experience with this form of alternative dispute resolution.

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