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Trace Adkins turns to mediation to settle divorce

California music lovers may have heard that the wife of country music star Trace Adkins filed for divorce in March 2014. Her reported demands for a settlement worth $20 million led many observers to feel that the couple would become embroiled in a bitter legal dispute, but the performer’s attorney announced on June 17 that an amicable settlement had been reached during private mediation.

Adkins’ attorney did not reveal details of the agreement, and the mediated settlement will not become binding until it has been approved by a court. The couple were married for 16 years and have three children. Adkins’ career started strongly with a platinum debut album that yielded five hits, and the 34-year-old performer went on to be nominated for several Grammy Awards.

According to media reports, Rhonda Adkins originally sought primary custody of the couple’s three children as well as spousal support, child support and attorneys fees. It is believed that the couple decided to seek a compromise to protect their children from the kind of intense media scrutiny often associated with celebrity court battles. Observers speculate that Rhonda Adkins decided to file for divorce after a January 2014 incident on a cruise ship. The singer had stopped drinking several years earlier, but a relapse during the cruise is said to have led to a physical confrontation with a karaoke singer.

This case shows how mediation can be valuable even in situations where a compromise seems unlikely. Matters such as spousal support and child custody can become highly contentious during a divorce, and the adversarial nature of the legal system can make an amicable resolution difficult to achieve. A family law attorney may recommend mediation for a number of reasons. Mediation allows for creative solutions that a judge may not have the authority to order, and the process is also more private and often less costly than court proceedings.

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