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Mediation as an effective tool of communication

California couples who are considering mediation to sort out their issues should know that this approach can be a successful one when each spouse and their mediator displays good listening skills. When one spouse listens and empathizes with the other, it may be possible for the spouses to see each other’s concerns in a different light.

A mediator listens to what each individual has to say on relevant issues, gathers information about the circumstances of the matter and does not side with one person or the other. The lines of communication between the spouses may be reopened or repaired during mediation sessions. Not only is this good for resolving issues in dispute, but it can greatly benefit those individuals who need to maintain a relationship for co-parenting purposes.

Because an individual’s confidence can be boosted when they feel that their voice has been heard, mediators encourage each individual to speak without disruption and to acknowledge any feelings that they are experiencing. A mediator may ask questions for the purpose of better understanding a situation or statement, but this is not done to intimidate an individual or undermine their feelings. An individual who feels confident from being adequately heard may display a more realistic view towards the other person’s concerns.

A couple who are experiencing a divorce, custody or other family law matter may consider speaking with a mediator about their situation. An impartial mediator may help guide the individuals through understanding each other’s concerns and create a safe environment for discussing how to resolve these issues that both may feel is reasonable.