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Settling a California divorce through mediation

When a couple gets divorced, they are generally going through an emotionally traumatic event. However, the emotional cost of the divorce is not the only cost that should be considered. If a couple is on good terms, they may wish to think about settling their case through mediation. Doing so could save thousands of dollars in legal fees while allowing the parties more control over their settlement.

In many cases, a divorce attorney will charge a client a significant retainer. The size of the retainer will depend in many cases upon the needs of the client and the complexity of the issues. The attorney will apply this retainer against the hourly rate, which is often several hundreds of dollars. Overall, an average divorce could cost two to 10 times more than if mediation is used.

Using mediation may also reduce the emotional toll of a divorce for both the adults and any children that the couple may have had. This is because both sides are empowered to be a part of the process, which could give both parties incentive to settle without having to go to court. Once an agreement is reached and signed, it can be presented to a judge and made a part of the divorce order.

A couple that is going through a divorce may wish to try mediation as a means of reaching an amicable settlement. With the help of a mediator, each side can present their case in a rational manner, which may help both sides get an agreeable settlement. A spouse who is going through divorce mediation may also wish to retain a family law attorney to provide advice and counsel throughout the process and to review the agreement that is reached before submission to the court.