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Getting ready to enter the child custody mediation process

Orange County parents who are getting a divorce may be interested in some information on how to better prepare for coming mediation over custody issues with their ex-spouse. These issues are vital for the well-being of the child but often get muddled by the problems of the former marriage.

In many divorces, mediated settlements are the preferred way to come to an agreement on the important divorce issues. Child custody is a major focus of many divorcing parents though they may be new to the custody mediation process. Experts believe that approaching the mediation with a willingness to stay open-minded and listen to the other side can be extremely helpful in reaching a settlement. Another tip is to enter the mediation with a sense of balance, respecting the needs of all of the parties, including the ex-spouse. A sense of humor is helpful, but if a time-out is needed due to the emotions involved, it should be taken.

One way to better prepare for this less-adversarial divorce process is to do some homework beforehand. This includes brainstorming multiple acceptable outcomes for custody and getting them all in writing in order to help ensure that nothing is left out. Most importantly, it is vital that the focus be on the child and their well-being after the divorce. Concentrating on the other side and revisiting the problems that led to the divorce can seriously hinder the settlement process and lead to an unproductive mediation.

An attorney who has experience in divorce mediation can be very helpful as a neutral party to help reach a mediated settlement. The attorney may also be useful in drafting the marital settlement agreement that contains provisions related to the important divorce legal issues, including child custody and visitation.