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California divorce mediation

Although a divorce often represents contention or differences between two people, the divorce process can be a step to healing wounds as methods such as mediation are considered for negotiating terms of the dissolution. By working through an alternative resolution method, there may be the ability to identify unique solutions to a variety of issues, options that might not be available to a judge. Consulting with legal counsel in advance may provide direction in limiting the stress and animosity that can be prevalent in a court-moderated divorce.

In initiating a mediation approach to divorce, a client may find that there are challenges in addressing normal emotions related to the situation. However, working with a mediator can provide a positive means of moving through the legalities by keeping things on track and limiting the negative expression of these emotions during the negotiation process. The assistance of financial and other professionals can help in addressing property division issues clearly and effectively so that a fair agreement can be reached.

Mediation allows disputes over various issues to be resolved in a manner that is fair to both individuals involved while keeping court time and legal expenses limited. You may be concerned about issues such as division or retirement assets or responsibility for debts. You might need help in fairly determining how digital assets and household goods are to be split up. Mediation typically requires approximately four to six sessions and may take up to three months for completion.

Because mediation can be an important alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, it is important for you to discuss your situation in depth before deciding that this is the ideal route for your action. In cases involving complicated decisions related to family businesses or child custody, you may need to consider additional options. You can read our divorce mediation page to learn more about this method.

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