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What is the process of divorce mediation?

Couples in California who are contemplating a divorce may benefit from learning more about how the process of divorce mediation works. Mediation serves as an alternative means to litigation for couples attempting to negotiate the terms of a divorce. Couples either voluntary go to mediation or are referred by a court order. An objective mediator leads the process by focusing on negotiating, creative problem solving and communication to reach an amicable agreement between the parties.

Mediation and collaborative divorce options

California couples who are splitting up should know that there are options available for working out division of assets, custody, support and other issues without going to court. Couples have the option of choosing mediation or a collaborative divorce instead of litigation. Both of these approaches have advantages over going to court. They can be less costly as well as taking less of an emotional toll. They give the individuals involved a chance to work out their differences with the help of professionals in a less contentious environment than a courtroom.

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