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Reducing adversity when contemplating a divorce

The term “conscious uncoupling” has been thrown about in the media as of late due to the separation of Gwyneth Paltow and her husband Chris Martin. Some choose to refer to such a phenomenon as conscious divorce. Whichever term one chooses to use, a more congenial method for divorcing is certainly preferable in a society where over half of all marriages do not last.

While fewer individuals are actually choosing marriage, it is still a common trend to find individuals marrying two or three times. However, the consequences of a divorce in most instances have not been lightened. Most individuals leave a divorce drained both emotionally and financially.

Unfortunately, we often only remember the trying times when a divorce has ended rather than the good times that we had together. The typical divorce process does not generally help in alleviating the difficulties, either. A divorce can cost in excess of $50,000. It can also end up involving the children in a way that can prove to be unhealthy. It’s for this reason that many couples are looking for collaborative alternatives such as a “conscious divorce.”

It’s important for couples to seek the services of attorneys licensed in the state that they reside. Every state has a different set of rules and California family law unique to our state. Outside of that, collaborative divorce provides parties with a great deal more control.

Here alternatives methods for dissolving the marriage can be used that would prove better for the children than an adversarial process. It can instead involve mediation or a collaborative divorce that is overseen by an attorney. These services can resolve disputes in a manner fair to both parties through solutions that minimize conflict. It also allows couples to control the costs that are paid during the divorce process.


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