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Mediation may shield one couple’s divorce from public eye

While the experiences of celebrities are not always typical when it comes to divorce, there are occasions when we can learn something from what occurred during a marital breakup.  Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, who have a three-year-old son together, have announced that they plan on separating.  We don’t know yet whether the matter will actually end in divorce.

Should this matter actually end up in divorce in California courts, it will be interesting to see if the matter goes through mediation.  Parties can choose such an out-of-court process to work with a mediator to resolve the process rather than to take the matter to court.

There are many advantages to choosing mediation when going through the divorce process.  As in the case of the above couple, they have indicated that they are the best of friends.  Mediation can often help preserve such a relationship because the process can be more conciliatory than a formal court case.  And because of this the mediation process is often popular among celebrities.

The process of mediation can also be less time-consuming than a court trial.  Mediation can also take away the scrutiny placed upon such a divorce in that it takes the divorce out of the public eye.

It isn’t just extremely wealthy clients who choose mediation.  Couples are now looking for other alternatives.  Many divorce attorneys have seen couples struggle in court over issues that could instead be resolved in mediation.  Experienced attorneys can guide clients through the process and hence avoid many of the issues that protracted litigation can involve.

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