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Looking for a better way to divide property during a divorce

Unfortunately, divorce can be financially devastating for California couples. This is especially the case when one of the spouses happens to have given up their career in order to raise the children. Divorced individuals thus find themselves dealing with issues concerning maintenance of home, deciding how much child support of alimony should be paid and how to maintain two separate households.

Though much of these concerns are inevitable when a divorce does take place, the problem should not be compounded by exorbitant legal bills. There are attorneys, however, that can provide alternative options to taking these matters all the way to trial.

For example, there is the option of going through an uncontested divorce. In such a circumstance an attorney can go through a couple’s finances with both spouses and then help the couples come up with an agreement as to the division of assets.

Another potentially simple divorce option is a collaborative divorce. This is generally less contentious than pursuing a divorce through the courts. Though legal advice will be provided concerning the division of assets, it will not require the input of the court do have this division accomplished. But even through the collaborative divorce process there still may be requirements on the part of the spouse with the most finances to provide some funding for the spouse that is less well-off.

Asset division will likely need to be conducted before the divorce is finalized in any circumstance. It can prove extremely helpful to go through the finances with an experienced family law attorney to make certain this is performed amicably while still meeting the needs of both parties. In the process of divorce mediation, the parties rather than the court can determine how division of assets and debts can be approached.

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