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Can mediation help children through divorce?

Getting divorced is rarely a decision someone makes overnight. Rather, people often mull the decision — individually or with their spouse. Even though divorce may indeed be the best option for the well being of each spouse, they may not think about the way splitting up affects the entire family.

A recently released poll suggests that many parents may be in the dark about how their children are adjusting to divorce. Even though this poll was conducted in the U.K., the results are still something for parents in the United States to consider. Parents must be sure to attend to their children’s feelings in addition to their own.

The survey took a look at how children reacted to divorce. Shockingly, 13 percent of surveyed children believed they were responsible for their parents’ divorce. Sometimes, it just takes regular communication to reassure children that the divorce has nothing to do with them and both parents still love them.

Beyond this, the study took a look at how parents assessed their children’s ability to cope with divorce. As total of 77 percent of parents included in the survey said that their children were doing well after divorce, which seems to contradict what the children reported.

Seeking divorce through mediation, rather than litigation in court, can help the entire family move forward. Through this process, couples can negotiate terms of divorce that reflect the best needs of everyone. Although divorce changes families, mediation may ease the stress associated with litigated divorce, which can allow parents the ability to attend to the needs of their children as they too work through the process.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Survey Says Parents Are Unaware Of Divorce’s Impact On Kids,” Dec. 30, 2013