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Divorce mediation could meet the needs of the modern family

In this day and age, it seems as though change — in many aspects of life — is coming at an incredibly rapid rate. As people begin to handle these changes, certain components of society aren’t necessarily able to keep pace. This sentiment is true in many aspects of family law.

Not much more than a generation ago, most women didn’t work outside the home. Now, many households have two incomes. Additionally, many states are moving toward approving same-sex marriage. Of course, California is one of the states where it is now legal. All the while, some aspects of family law remain the same, which can create trouble for couples looking to get divorced.

For example, some same-sex couples might have children together, and solving child custody issues can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if one parent is biologically related to the child and the other isn’t. Even though a child may see both individuals as a parent, disputes can become incredibly complex.

In addition to custody-related issues, couples may not be able to come to terms on issues of property division. With the realities of a two-income household, dividing assets can be tricky. When deciding to divorce, neither person wants to feel like he or she isn’t receiving a fair share of the financial settlement. At the same time, couples may simply not be able to come to terms on the details.

This is why divorce mediation can be very helpful for many people. By taking divorce proceedings out of court, couples can come together with an experienced family law professional to work out the terms of their split. Even when spouses have major differences, they can still share the goal of reaching a mutually beneficial divorce settlement.

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