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Mediation can help provide long-term stability after divorce

In order to move forward, many couples may want to end their marriage in the most civil and effective way possible. Even though divorcing couples are likely to have irreconcilable differences, they may still want to avoid putting themselves — or their children — through a litigious divorce in court. This is precisely why California family law opens the door to mediated settlements as an option for couples looking to dissolve their marriage.

Even if couples split amicably, the reality is that they will probably still have differences after they divorce. Parents who share custody typically maintain a working relationship to raise their children, so any underlying disputes between parents can affect custody and co-parenting years after a divorce is finalized.

By seeking the assistance of a divorce mediator, who is a neutral third party, couples can iron out significant details of their parenting arrangement. This can help settle critical parenting decisions, such as who will have custody on holidays or which schools children will attend. One family law observer notes that couples can meet with a mediator after their divorce is finalized to work through disputes in order to reach a solution that meets the best interests of the child and both parents.

Parenting issues among divorcing and divorced couples can be among the most emotional. After all, both parents want to do the best for their children, but they might not agree how to best achieve that goal. An impartial mediator can help couples talk through tough issues and get to the heart of the matter.

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