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What factors influence if a person will file for divorce?

Life is unpredictable. A person may spend several years happily married, but a relationship can break down over the course of several years. In some cases, couples realize that they’ve grown apart after many years of marriage, and divorce becomes the best option for them. Collaborative law may provide a way for couples in this situation to approach divorce in a civil, efficient manner.

In some cases, people may be wondering what factors influence the likelihood of whether a person will get divorced during his or her lifetime. According to a new study published in the “General Social Survey,” individuals who have siblings are less likely to get divorced. In fact, the study found that the likelihood of divorce generally decreased with each additional sibling.

This research was recently presented at a major sociology conference, but some academic figures have doubted the strength of the correlation between siblings and divorce, saying that it’s not a definite indicator. One of the sociologists who authored the study even acknowledged that there are a whole host of factors that go into the decision to divorce.

Regardless of the efficacy of this study, one thing is certain: Divorce can be complicated. This can leave couples looking for solutions to settle their split fairly and effectively.

Under California family law, couples have the option to pursue divorce mediation. Rather than opting for a heavily litigated divorce in court, mediation provides a much more collaborative environment. Even if couples have lingering disputes with each other, effective mediation can help cut through the tension and help couples reach the agreement necessary to settle the divorce and move forward.

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