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What can be done to prepare for divorce mediation?

When a married couples come to the realization that divorce is the best option, they may not know exactly how to proceed or where to turn. Even though some California residents may not be fully aware of all of their options to pursue a divorce, they may know that they want to it to be settled fairly, civilly and relatively quickly. For those individuals, mediation may be a sound alternative to “traditional,” litigated divorce.

Initially, individuals seeking divorce may not feel like they can put aside certain differences, but the reality is that it is possible to reach a settlement in an amicable manner. Of course, both spouses must be willing to take the steps necessary to bring their legal relationship to a peaceful close.

Mediation allows both spouses to come together out of court to address the important points of their divorce. While much of this is process self-determined with the aid of an attorney, a settlement must typically be approved in family court.

Divorce is an emotional life event and that’s hard to avoid. However, feelings of anger can get in the way of coming to terms with a spouse. One thing that can help couples through divorce mediation is to come into the process knowing that it’s probably not productive to make snide remarks or allow emotions to take over.

More than anything, it could be helpful to enter divorce mediation with a focus in mind. If both parties start negotiations with a willingness to cooperate and sights set on resolution, coming to mutually agreeable terms might be within reach. And when couples reach an impasse, the mediator can help steer them toward a solution.

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