Choose Mediation and Limit the Pain, Time and Expense of Divorce.

Divorce can be devastating. When a bond is broken, everyone suffers, especially the children. We help couples keep control over their decisions and make good choices about their family’s future, resulting in a less painful experience for everyone involved. By choosing mediation, you have the ability to create your own agreement without the high cost and extended time of litigation.

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Here's why our mediation clients are considerably more satisfied with the outcome than those who choose litigation.

Save time and money, settle your divorce out of court

How innovative custody arrangements have an extremely positive affect on the children's ability to move forward after divorce.

The Mediation Process

When we mediate, we discuss all your issues, needs, priorities and concerns in a neutral and supportive environment. We then explore how judges, clients and lawyers have successfully solved situations like yours, helping parties understand and convert stressful disputes into agreeable solutions that work for the entire family.

Mediation conferences are available with Mr. Price in Orange, Irvine, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Brea, and Ranch Santa Margarita

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  • "After spending over $60,000 each in the early stages of our divorce, we were able to mediate all of our issues and agree on all of our issues. It took time, but we are so glad we mediated. After the second session, we told David that was the first time in a long while we had been together for two hours and not had an argument!" L.P.
  • "I didn’t want the divorce, but Mr. Price was able to help us work through all of our issues and we got an agreement we think will work for us." C.M.

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