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The benefits of shared parenting

California parents who have gotten divorced may prefer that they both play a role in raising their children after the marriage ends. In recent years, lawmakers in several states have also pushed for parents to have an equitable role in raising children after a divorce. For some legislators, it may be a way to advance an agenda of gender equality. Creating a shared parenting arrangement may be a way to get parents to cooperate during divorce proceedings.

Preparing well can help the divorce process

Divorce can be a challenging time for California residents looking to end their marriage. This can be the case even when the relationship between former spouses remains amicable, as the emotional baggage of dealing with child custody, spousal support and other issues in the divorce can loom large. When partners want to end their marriage without a court battle or a contested divorce, divorce mediation can be an option that can help people achieve their goals and move on from their marriage peacefully.

Divorce mediation can help support a co-parenting plan

Many couples in California who are going through divorce intend to have a civilized separation process. This is especially true for couples who are also parents. It's important to note that a strong co-parenting relationship can be extremely important for the physical and psychological health of the children of the partnership. For these divorcing parents, mediation can help promote a collaborative approach toward parenting and the post-divorce relationship.

Divorce for same-sex couples

Married same-sex couples in California may find that the process of getting a divorce may be more complicated than that for a heterosexual couple. Although all states are required to allow same-sex marriages since the landmark Supreme Court decision in 2015, the manner in which a divorce is conducted is primarily determined on the state level, with a few exceptions. Same-sex couples may find that using mediation may be a more effective way of getting divorce than going through litigation.

Benefits of shared custody

Some California parents who are going through a divorce might want to consider shared physical custody. While mothers are awarded custody in over 80 percent of cases, studies increasingly support the idea that the most beneficial arrangement for children is one in which children spend roughly equal time with both parents. The exception is cases in which a child must be protected from parental abuse or neglect.

The benefits of using mediation for a divorce settlement

California couples who are ending their marriages might consider the different options available to reach a divorce settlement. One of these is mediation, which promotes a calm, empathetic path towards conflict resolution.

Mediation can be key to a successful prenup

Many couples in California planning for marriage have established careers and significant assets. It is increasingly common for both partners to enter their married life with property and even businesses of their own. With investment funds, medical or legal practices or even family inheritances to be considered, many people are heading into marriage with concerns about protecting their future.

How to prepare for a successful divorce mediation

Working with a mediator instead of going to court is one option couples in California who are divorcing might want to consider. Mediation focuses on trying to reach a compromise that suits both people, but it works best if the parties are adequately prepared.

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